We Can’t Reach Central Florida Without Winning S & S!

All our churches declare they want to reach people for Christ. Thank God! Having grown up in moderately liberal Protestantism, I will never take this for granted.

What is “S & S”? SENIOR CITIZENS and SPANISH SPEAKERS! Although this is key for all Florida churches, the closer your church is to Orlando the more vital this is for both of these groups.

Here is the challenge and the question. Is your church involved in reaching both of these groups? Are you intentionally involved either directly or indirectly in trying to win these folks to Christ?  Remember, a 25-year-old soul is just as important as a 75-year-old soul.  A person who speaks little or no English is just as valuable as one who does!

Also, if your church in contributing to our Association, then you are involved at least indirectly with reaching Spanish speakers because we are very active in this area missionally. We have resources and people who can help in both these areas.

In the title, I say winning because our mission is more than just gathering, which has become the default setting of too many churches’ outreach efforts.  God’s word is clear. “Make Disciples” is a command. Proverbs says, “…He that wins souls is wise”; and Daniel said, “Those whom who are wise shall shine... And those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever.”

We are “with you” in this matter.

Glenn Rogers