Our SBC in St. Louis – I was there It was a privilege to attend the recent meeting of our Southern Baptist Convention. Our President, Dr. Ronnie Floyd of Arkansas, did an outstanding job of leading us in a hopeful and spiritual way. It never felt like a business meeting. Dr. Steve Gaines was elected […]

“Where Be All His Miracles?”


A Survey on Where God Worked in Acts  by Glenn Rogers

Borrowing the title phrase from Judges 6:13 allows me to share with you something that may be surprising but is even more profound. My study this spring lead me to look at Acts and see how many of the miracles recorded in this book occurred in a church service. NOT MANY!

I chose not to count individual conversions as miracles in this, but the multiple conversions I did include. We know and surely believe that God saving a soul is His most marvelous and eternal work!

How did it breakdown? Only ONE miracle actually happened in what we would call a church service. This was God raising Eutychus from the dead. To expand this, eight more occurred in a religious setting, like Pentecost, earthquake at an impromptu prayer meeting, etc. So where did the rest of the 45 miracles happen? You probably guessed it – as the believers were going about living Gospel-centered, Gospel-sharing lives, this is where God showed up and performed most of the miracles.

Of course, we should continue to seek the powerful presence of God in our church services. Yet it is not all about the Sunday service! Seeing how and where the Lord worked in the early church, should we not also be leading our people to look for and expect God to use them mightily apart from our regular assemblies. Look at Acts 3 and 4 to see a prime example.

We must equip our people for such a Gospel-centered, Christ-led experience that they will see Him work as they are going; and we must also be seeking and experiencing the same..

The Same-Sex Marriage Decision of our U.S. Supreme Court.


  1. This decision is one more evidence that our nation is under the judgment of God and that our churches are being chastened in this matter as it relates to sexual purity, children, and marriage fidelity and integrity. All these are areas where we have weakened in the last 100 years.
  2. The celebration of this decision, joined be some professing Christians (“Love Wins”, etc.), is further evidence that we have not presented and demonstrated God’s ideal of one man for one woman for life.
  3. Let’s take full advantage of the situation with holy zeal and loving compassion to present biblical marriage and to help our people live it out and share the truth.
  4. Let’s be compassionate with those caught in sin and be diligent to present redemption for all sinners through Christ our Lord.

Also, make sure your church is protected from lawsuits and misuse of church facilities for weddings and events. We have had multiple sessions at our Association Conferences to help prepare us in this matter and remain to equip you and stand with you in these matters.

Going to The Southern Baptist Convention Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee is a great resource from our Southern Baptist Convention.  Click here for the ERLC web page.

Article by Glenn Rogers


A Question for Preachers and Teachers

As we begin to study any passage in God’s Word and prepare to present it, we should ask, “Where do I see the person and/or the work of Christ in this section of Scripture?”

After Jesus rose from the dead, He showed up on the Emmaus Road and gave us the greatest hermeneutical lesson we could have:  “And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.” (Luke 24:27)  The verse DOES NOT say that He showed them all the things concerning Him in the Scriptures BUT “in ALL THE SCRIPTURES the things concerning Himself”.

If the former were true, it would merely send us looking for the key passages about Jesus which our human minds could somewhat accomplish. However, since the later is what Jesus said, it requires us to let the Holy Spirit do one of His key works.  Jesus said “He will testify of me.  . .  He will glorify me”.  (John 15:26 – 16:15)

So, in every passage we should ask: where can we see the person of Christ, the attributes of Christ, the nature of God demonstrated and pointing us to Christ? Where do we see the redemptive and justifying work of Christ pictured? Where do we see God’s holiness in judgment on sin? Where do we see His mercy? Where do we see His eternal love? Where do we see the wages of sin paid out? Where do we see His grace given out? Where do we see His resurrection power?  In ALL THE SCRIPTURES we may see Him. Of course then, the applications to the lives of our listeners will be rich and abundant. The attendant doctrines will be clear, connected, and life altering.

For the glory of God, the good of our hearers, and our own joy, let’s look for where we see Jesus presented, explained, referenced, paralleled, foreshadowed, prophesied, typified, and exemplified. He is everywhere in the Scriptures. This He clearly taught!

As we follow the Holy Spirit’s lead, we will make much of Jesus; how can we not? Then He will draw people to Himself as well as sanctify those that come.

The late Adrian Rogers often said, “If you read the Bible and don’t see Jesus, reread it because you misread it!”

My prayer for our churches is that in small groups and in large meetings, “We would see Jesus.”

Glenn Rogers.