Two big events in January.

Senior Saints Rally

Your seniors will not want to miss this event.  Dr. Jim Henry will be the guest speaker this coming January 27th at Central Baptist Church.  The rally will start at 10 am and include lunch.

Dr. Sullivan to address the Executive Committee.

On January 13th the guest speaker will be Dr. John Sullivan. This will be his last official event with us before he retires in February!


  1. Ray Proseus says:

    I am working on my master’s thesis and I need feed back from as many pastors as possible. Here is what I want to know: I need your perspective on personal soul winning and corporate or congregational soul winning. What is your personal view and your professional opinion of soul winning. Is it just a responsibility of a few select volunteers or is the entire body responsible. Should there still be a door to door ministry or is that out modded and anachronistic. In this digital age is one on one soul winning still valid or should we go online? Can we do both? What strategies might we use to reach the new millenniums?
    I really need your input. Thank you for your time.

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