Our SBC in St. Louis – I was there, by Glenn Rogers

Our SBC in St. Louis – I was there
It was a privilege to attend the recent meeting of our Southern Baptist Convention. Our President, Dr. Ronnie Floyd of Arkansas, did an outstanding job of leading us in a hopeful and spiritual way. It never felt like a business meeting.
Dr. Steve Gaines was elected as our new SBC President. His selection by the messengers was a unique situation. It took several ballots because of an unusual by-law. We are thankful for the graciousness of J. D. Greear who pulled out of the process so we could move on. It was wonderful and so very “unpolitical.” Hallelujah!!!
We passed some timely resolutions on several subjects like praying for Israel, human sexuality and racism, which included the Confederate flag. These are not binding on churches but do reflect the sentiment of the body of Southern Baptist meeting at the time. The media hears these resolutions.   Also, this can help our churches and agencies form responses based on the content of the approved resolutions.
The highlight of the meeting was the entire Tuesday evening session given over to a prayer service. This was nearly 3 hours. With great humility and passion we were called to prayer AND WE PRAYED. It was a time of meeting with the Lord. His presence was hard to miss!
One of the fruits of the prayer emphasis is a nationwide call to prayer on Sunday 9-11. I very much want each of our churches to give that Sunday am service over to prayer. I will be leading out in this and providing resources.
We are blessed. Thanks also for your prayers for me and my family.
Glenn Rogers



In our current political environment people are constantly throwing around the tag “conservative”. Some embrace it others avoid it or bash it.

Every serious Bible believer should be considered “conservative” at least on Biblical issues. Yet here is where Satan’s most clever deceptions may happen. See Jesus on the Pharisees!

Some assume that political conservatism comes from Biblical conservatism. It should but it does not always. Worse yet by far, some church leaders assume that Biblical conservatism equates to godliness. Again, it should but it does not always. Far too many spiritual leaders have become deceived by their conservatism while worldliness, carnality, and slackness have crept into their lives and churches. We pat ourselves on our collective backs for holding cherished beliefs unaware that personal sanctification from walking in the Holy Spirit has diminished. Vance Havner said that you can be straight as a gun barrel and just as empty. The context of James 3:10 is appropriate and sobering, “…My brethren, these things ought not be so.”

I believe humility and honesty go a long way in helping us turn from and avoid this deception.

Glenn Rogers

A Big God Witness.

We all have a lot of opportunities to speak to people as we are going through each day. We should be ready, willing, and able to speak a word for the Lord using some words that bring God’s truth into the conversation even if it is briefly.

I have been convinced lately I need to take this to another level. I want Christ to empower me to give a witness to how BIG and GREAT our God is. I want Him distinguished and glorified. I desire for people to know the living God, the one true God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am trying to use phrases like “the Lord Jesus” and I’ll pray to “the living God” about that, and “God knows everything, you can trust Him completely”.

As some of us were taught when we were little, “God is great and God is good”. Let’s speak of Him this way to those who may not know Him in a permanent righteous way.

Glenn Rogers